Atom Fe on Cu.The Kanji characters for atom. The literal translation is something like 'original child.'
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Atom Fe on Cu.The Kanji characters for atom. The literal translation is something like 'original child.'

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Cyril says. "There's no time like the present."




TO CONTINUE the animal imagery, we now have the old bull alone in the middle of the arena. He paws at the sawdust and bleeds. His head sways to and fro, left and right, but he can still lift it, he can still make short charges to scatter his tormentors. Bloodied certainly, bowed even, but still dangerous. Meanwhile, Cameron has moved from one kind of bull fighter to another, from banderillero to matador. He used to run alongside and plunge his darts into the great neck. Now they confront each other more directly, eye to eye. The crowd is quiet. The moment of... truth is the wrong word. The moment approaches.

That's what it looks like from the gallery; it's hard to know what people who aren't particularly interested think. They probably came to the same conclusion months ago. A little-noted point was made by David Gauke. We learnt that the figures in this year's Budget have been junked. All this "re-allocation" of funds - that's been conjured up since the April Budget two months gone. They're making this up on the hoof now.
Gordon is fighting the election on "wicked Tories' l0 per cent cuts to public services". Cameron is fighting on "Whom do you believe?" It's Cuts vs Character. Cameron wins - because he can make the Prime Minister tell lies at will. Hearing Gordon say spending will rise, Cameron produced a Treasury document titled "Reduction in medium-term spending". Gordon shook his head and said: "Spending rises every year." Why did he say that? Because the Tory policy is "cuts" so his must be increases. Increases in spending every year even in 2010 when it will be a "zero per cent increase". It maybe zero, but it's a zero per cent INCREASE! "I've said it will rise," he repeats. "Current spending will continue to RISE."

Cameron said this next part quite slowly. He's said it before but the more gently he can put it the more damage it does... If you takeout increased spending on debt and increased spending on unemployment, then public spending will be 7 per cent lower, on Labour's figures. If you protect the NHS and schools (as Labour is suggesting) Labour will be spending 13.5 per cent less than they are now. Not 10 per cuts, but like for like, nearly a third deeper than Labour's figures suggest.
That thrust went in a third of the way; when the blade goes in up to the hilt, the poor old bull's head will drop, the legs will go, he'll collapse on his side and a tractor will tow him out of the ring.
Commons Sketch. Simon Carr.



The blurring of gender boundaries in Japan has been highlighted by stories appearing to demonstrate that once proud alpha-males are being symbolically castrated in the home. Toilet-maker Matsushita Electric Works reported a survey this year suggesting that more than 40 per cent of adult men in Japan sit on the toilet when they urinate - a figure that is rising year by year.

Nagging wives are also blamed for the rise of the Tenshi no Hizamakura, or Angel's Knee Pillow, a kneeling stool with an unfortunate resemblance to a church pew that brings men closer to the bowl when they pee. Designed to stop splashing around the bowl - women after all still do the vast bulk of household cleaning - the product's arrival prompted the following headline in one media outlet "Men brought to their knees by angry housewives".

Men are now leading purchasers of hair products, make-up, fashion accessories and manicures. A Tokyo-based company called WishRoom is even selling men's bras. He said the company had sold more than 5,000 of the bras to men who are probably reacting against the classic stereotype of stoic, silently enduring male. "They said wearing a bra just made them feel more calm, relaxed and revived."


"I've never had a problem with drugs - I've had problems with the police." Keith Richards.


Thursday May 29. 1800.
Walked down this morning with my daughter to Stowey where I preached the Club Sermon. They marched in great order and parade with Colours flying, drums beating and a band of Musick. After Church they returned in the same order and parade and we all dined at the Rose and Crown. An excellent dinner, a great many Loyal Toasts drunk after dinner and the musick played of God Save the King, and Rule Brittania. Stowey was very gay this day and I think shewed as many pretty faces, genteel and well dressed young Nymphs as any town of its size in the County. I drank tea with Mrs Richard Poole where my daughter was and in the meantime was entertained by a race of young girls for ribbons. Two heroes in their excess of gallantry to accompany them and remove all obstacles ran so violently against each other that both were struck down and rolled over and over within a yard or two of me. I thought it was high time for me to withdraw indoors.
A little before dusk there was a large Cavalcade marching up Castle Hill for another race downwards. We stood on one side but this was so terrible a race, petticoats tucked up to the knees and stays open, or taken off, that I began to think it became almost indecent. I dont think I shall stand by to countenance such exhibitions in future for I hate to see the female character let down. Got home in good time, my wife and Little Boy had been at Marsh Mill drinking tea.

Monday June 16
Robert has been down to Mr Wm Poole's at Stowey with the cow to the bull. Sent Robert to Farmer Morle for half a bushell of oats, price six shillings per bushell. Never did I pay so much for oats before, these are hard times indeed. We were alarmed just now by a great cry from the Poorhouse. The madman has his fit come on and has got his handcuffs off. I went out with a candle and lantern and Robert. The women were all upstairs and he below. None of the neighbours would get up to be with him. I said that it could not be expected that I should go to him and stay with him all night, but the Strait Waistcoat was the thing and that I told the Parish Officers before and they promised to have the straps of that in the Poorhouse repaired. But they have done nothing and I must go to a justice of the Peace if matters go on thus.
 'Paupers and Pig Killers. The diary of William Holland.1799-1818'.



Producers of a remake of The Dam Busters have yet to resolve one question: what on earth are they to do about a dog called Nigger? The anachronistically-named black Labrador was the faithful companion of RAF Wing Commander Guy Gibson, who led the British mission to destroy German dams in 1943. The dog is central to the plot: not only was he the mascot of Gibson's 617 Squadron, but after he was killed in a car accident, his name became a code-word for the bombers' prime target.

While the name was still acceptable when the original movie was made in 1954, that is no longer the case. So the film-makers, who include New Zealander Peter Jackson, director of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, are faced with an unenviable choice: ditch historical accuracy or risk widespread offence. Jackson has said that he wants to be faithful to the book and 1954 film. His version, he pledged, would be "as authentic as possible and as close to the spirit of the original as possible".

In 2001 ITV was criticised for editing out all mentions of Nigger's name when it screened the original film. Index on Censorship called the move "unnecessary and ridiculous", while viewers complained that key sections had been omitted. In the US, the film has been screened with the dialogue dubbed to rename the dog Trigger.


Around 30 prospective residents of Wincanton who buy one of the 212 Wimpey homes due to be completed by July can live on Peach Pie Street or Treacle Mine Road. More than 1,000 of the town's residents voted for the two names from a shortlist of 14 Discworld references suggested by Sir Terry Pratchett, after Wimpey opened up a public online poll. This is not Wincanton's first foray into Sir Terry's make-believe land. In 2002, it was officially twinned with the fictional city of Ankh-Morpork from the novels, the first town in the world to link up with a fictional place.

Until 2002, Wincanton was a nondescript town that was not on any tourist trail. Twinning with Sir Terry's fiction got the town noticed in a way it had not been before. People from all over the world now visit the town, along with a shop, Discworld Emporium, dedicated to the series, which opened in 2001. There were annual auctions, festival and masquerades. The local butcher began selling "Discworld" sausages over the Christmas period, the local wholefood store brought out a "Discworld" breakfast mix and a local audit found that this trading effort had brought 70,000 in tourism to the town. Yesterday a sea of fans -and some residents - turned out to the street naming ceremony in fancy dress characters from Sir Terry's novels, including trolls and dwarfs.



Lord Voldemort has been ordered to wear an electronic tag, commit to a curfew and pay 100 to his victim, a female paramedic whom he assailed with a stream of abuse. The Peterborough Evening Telegraph reports that a 24-year-old who changed his name to Lucifer Beelzebub Voldemort (previously known as Benjamin Burt, of Rowan Avenue, Spalding) was charged with using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour. According to his barrister, the Dark Lord struggles with alcoholism but, when sober, is a "polite young man".


Vowi mi.

Entrances to Hell in the U.K
Leominster, Herefordshire

Vowo mi is the delivery point for the devils honey supply. The beehives of England have for centuries organised thrice-monthly deposits of best honey here in return for being allowed to live without satanic interference. The connection to the core is a simple plastic tube, 12cm in diameter. Scientists working for the government of Harold Wilson released a tiny survey vehicle into Vowo mi in 1961 almost immediately losing radio contact with the probe's passenger the spider-monkey Kiki. Kiki is now the devil's osteopath and can speak fluent Karatakak. Vowo mi has a good vibe and a pleasing aspect. Radiation trace: .0674834 spectrons.
Hear the sound of Vowi mi

www.entrances2hell .




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